Customer Reviews

"The goat milk soap is bomb!  My skin loves it!!!"

Kimberly J.

Greenwood, MS

"..glowkrazy beard oil got me (beard) filling in"

Taveus S.

Sacramento CA

Luxe Beard Oil 

"The rose oil seals the deal!"

Luxe Glow Rose Oil 

Farrah L.

Indianola, MS

"I've been using this product since I purchased...and y'all, this stuff smells so freaking good and the texture of it is sooo buttery and soft. It feels so good on my skin!"

Jennifer G.

Greenwood, MS

Coconut Breeze Body Butter

"I love everything!...Everything smells so good!"

Luxe Glow Rose Oil ,

Enchanted Body Butter,

Goat Milk Soap

Stephanie W.

Portland, OR

"I have really oily skin & since I started using your oil, it controls it. Im loving my skin right now"

Luxe Glow Rose Oil 

Kimberly Q.

Hattiesburg, MS

Luxe Beard Oil & GreenTea Soap

"The beard oil keep my beard full & the skin underneath my beard with no acne. The soap smelled so good and left me moisturized."

Jarvis D.

Shreveport, LA

" have some great products!! You know I've had acne d**n near all my life. My face is d**n near clear and its most definitely brighter."

LaMysha T.

Greenwood, MS

3 Steps To Glow System

"I really enjoyed using these products, it wasnt heavy on my skin like other products. There was also no irritation as I'm prone to having sensitive skin. It was very moisturizing and did not dry out my skin and I've yet to have pimples or breakouts as I normally would. I highly recommend purchasing this product and investing in your skin. Its well worth it"

Cameron B.

Jackson, MS

3 Steps To Glow System

"I keep a toner in my purse! The toner gives me REFRESHING VIBES"

3 Steps To Glow System

w/ an extra 2oz Toner

Vivian S.

Indianapolis, IN

"...that soap is the truth!"

Goat Milk Soap, Rose Berry Scrub Soap, Oatmeal & Shea Soap

Jeremy C.